Business connecting our people.

Creating a platform to connect our Pacific and Māori business community through korero and influential business owners.

About us

Siobhan, Founder

Kia ora, my name is Siobhan. I am a mum of 5 beautiful babies and a business owner. Throughout my business ventures, I have learned how invaluable the relationships with other Māori and Pacific people in business are.

I’ve found that our humble, entrepreneurial community, is growing rapidly but we lack space for so many like minded people to come together, to connect on a inspiration and motivational level. This is where I’ve been inspired to create a solution that is ‘Mahi Connections’.

What we do

Motivate and Inspire

We bring together a space for you to come along and experience the presence of other influential Maori and Pacific business owners. They openly share their business journey (including the hard times and challenges we ALL face), with tips and tricks to motivate and inspire you to continue finding success on your journey.

Whether you have been in the game for decades, or you are just finding your feet. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Are you a business owner?

Wellington Mahi Connections Event

Or someone who wants to start a business? Mahi Connections has an event for you to connect with other like-minded people.

Come along and be inspired by successful business tāne. Listen to them share their business journeys, the highs and the lows along with tips and tricks on how you can become a successful business owner too! Don’t miss out on this ONE OFF opportunity. If you are ready to take the first, or next step! THIS IS FOR YOU.

We have an opportunity for current business owners who are passionate about helping Maori or Pacific people to start or grow their business. If your services or products would benefit our people and you would like to be part of our Event please apply

5pm Saturday

21 st August


Event Speakers

Wellington Mahi Connections Event

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Jayden Klinac

Jayden has spent the past 8 years exploring new materials that are made from renewable resources and can return to the earth at the end of their natural life. realising a better material alone is not going to save us, his goal is not only to replace Oil Based Plastics and end our reliance on fossil fuels, but to create products, systems and business models that go beyond sustainability and into regeneration. Through working with, and learning from nature, Jayden is developing models where waste is designed out of the system, and instead of ending up in the landfill or ocean, is used as a resource that can heal our earth and feed our people.

For The Better Good: Designing waste out of the system by developing products and systems in harmony with nature

Edible Earth: Turning underutilized land into Edible Earth. That’s Earth that is growing organic kai, feeding and regenerating the soil, sequestering carbon and educating our communities of how to grow there own food in a way that benefits our planet.

Nudes Drinks: A collaborative business model distributing New Zealand drinks that are made with mother nature in mind

Plentyful: Turning organic waste into natural plastic replacements

Buddy Hemp Goods (recently sold): Organic Hemp T shirts

Influential, Business Entrepreneur

Raniera Rewiri

Raniera Rewiri, commonly known as ‘Plant Based Māori’ is an Entrepreneure in his own right.

He is deeply passionate about people, life, culture and growth. Four key components that contribute to success. He is the creator of ‘Te Ara Hou – The openning’, owner of food business Tupuānuku, host of a raidly growing podcast network ‘Planting Seeds’, key note speaker, youth worker and workshop facilitator.

Self educated and self motivated, Raniera an inspiration to our people.

And has no plans to slow down yet.